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  Aviation Weather  

There are several aviation weather sites that provide raw data such as METARs and TAFs, and predictions of everything from icing, turbulence, cloud cover, severe weather, and forecast winds along a route. The Aviation Weather page includes sites from both Canada and the U.S. Here are some favourite sites:

  Public Weather  

Public Weather includes weather sites of a general nature, including sites providing forecasts for cities and regions anywhere in the world. Key sites include the Meteorological Service of Canada and the National Weather Service of the U.S. Other interesting sites include The Weather Network (Canada) and The Weather Channel (U.S.). You can even check the United Nations site operated by the World Meteorological Organization for any country in the world. More


Popular Public Weather sites:

  US National Hurricane Center
Hurricane Season Begins June 1
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Computer Models

Several countries or groups of countries have developed regional, hemispheric or global models to predict atmospheric conditions into the future by as much as ten days in advance. Mathematical models of the atmosphere use observational data and complex equations to analyze and project the state of the atmosphere, usually in 12 hour sequences, into the future. From these projections, daily forecasts are made by weather services, both commercial and state-run, with increasingly accurate results.

Links to two of the most popular models are provided below:

Climate Sites

Most countries archive large quantities of meteorological and climate data, and publish or provide access to data in various formats, often online. In addition to data, there are sites that discuss climate change. Two of the most important sites for data include the Canadian Climate Centre and the National Climate data Centre in the U.S.


Canada Centre for Climate Services
US National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI)

City Forecasts
Canadian (MSC) ..... U.S. (NWS)
St John's
Iqaluit, NU
San Francisco
Myrtle Beach
St. Louis
Portland, OR
Los Angeles
New York

Weather Cameras

Weather cameras include traffic cams, ship's cams, beach cams, and other caneras from all over the world. Below are a few of the most interesting sites.

Weather Radar
Canadian (MSC)
Intellicast Weather Radar
US National Weather Service
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