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  Computer Modelling Page updated 16/01/2024  

Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) Computer Models - Canada produces two computer model products at its modelling centre in Dorval, QC. Canada is one of seven major modelling countries within the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) that provide model products on a regional and global basis. These products have a range of about seven days. Read more about these products, how they are produced, and their limitations at About Model Products

  • MSC Analyses & Models Listing

  • MSC Regional GEM (Global Environmental Multiscale) 15km Grid Four-Panel Charts

  • MSC Global GEM Charts 0 to 144 hours

  • MSC Wave Forecasts for Lakes and Oceans

      International Computer Model Forecasts  
  • US NAM Four Panel Charts from NCEP

  • US GFS Ten Day Forecasts NCEP

  • European (ECMWF) Model Forecasts

  • UK Met Office Chart Forecasts

  • Bureau of Meteorology Australia Charts


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